UVP Shellac Lavender Varnish - 480mL

UVP Shellac Lavender Varnish - 480mL


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Shellac based varnish used for Tintypes, Ambrotypes, and Glass Negatives.

This varnish is made with the lightest shellac flakes available, with a small amount of sandarac resin added for smoothness. The dissolved resin is micro filtered to provide a clean smooth finish. Only pure 95% ethanol is used to ensure that no harsh denaturants harm the image during the most dreaded step of the wet plate process. The resin, alcohol and steam distilled French lavender oil are balanced so that the varnish can be applied at room temperature, then heated to dry.

One of the main advantages of this varnish is that the final coating is harder and dries faster than sandarac. This means that post varnishing the surface is less likely to be scratched.

This varnish will add a warm tone to your finished plates.

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