8x10 Silver & Fixer Bath Combo

8x10 Silver & Fixer Bath Combo


Get both and save!  

Our 8x10 silver & fixer bath for both sensitizing and fixing plates.  Made with the same beautiful white oak and hand oil finish as our drying racks. They make a perfect match!  Both hold 1600ml of chemicals and can fit all plate sizes up to 8x10.  

The fixer bath is made with a window to watch that magical moment when the milky negative turns into your beautiful photograph. Both come with removable liquid tight acrylic interior, dipper, kickstand, and ornate swing clasp to keep lid closed.  Dipper is made with minimal surface area to avoid suction on plates and easier draining. 

Modern Collodion is known for having the highest level of quality and craftsmanship so their products are not only functional but also exceptionally beautiful.  

Handmade in America

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