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Workshop - Mark and France Scully Osterman - Italy

  • 2 Via Vittimaro Castelbuono, Sicilia, 90013 Italy (map)
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Contact: Gianni Cusumano

Price: $2200

Date: 5/27/2019 - 5/31/19


Additional Info: Dry Collodion Negative Workshop and Salt Printing Process

If you're ready to experience large format and alternative process photography, ancient scenery and amazing food, this is a rare opportunity. This George Eastman Museum workshop will be taught by Mark Osterman and France Scully Osterman on location in Sicily, Italy. The Ostermans are well known to the international photographic community as the leading experts in wet collodion. 

Unlike wet collodion, this workshop features a rare dry variant of the collodion process introduced in the mid-1850s. Designed specifically for landscape photography, the technique allows shooting collodion negatives in the field without the use of a portable darkroom as required for wet collodion photography. The sensitive plates may be kept for several months before exposure making them the perfect medium for travel photography. 

In this unique workshop, participants will receive instruction in the basic chemistry and concept of the process, hands-on instruction in the preparation, exposure and processing of 8x10” negatives and making final proofs with salt prints. All instructional information is supplied including the manual, Scully & Osterman Basic Collodion Technique and supplemental instructions specific to wet and dry collodion negative making. George Eastman Museum Workshop aprons are also given to all participants. 

On the first day, the Ostermans will guide you in making dry plate collodion negatives in the darkroom at Gianni Cusumano laboratory in the center of Castelbuono, Sicily. 

For the next 3 days, participants will shoot on location using a large format 8"x10" view camera. Three destinations include Cefalù and Petralia Soprana The group will return to the darkroom at the end of each shooting session to develop the plates with the instructors.
On the last day, participants will make salted paper prints from their best negatives. (For more details on the destinations or workshop itinerary click on highlighted words.)

Lodging, Food and Transportation
Lodging, food and transportation to and from the laboratory is included in the cost of the workshop. 
Lodging and food include: 6 nights accommodation with breakfast, lunch and dinner. The rooms are comfortable double/triple room. Single rooms are available for an additional fee. To request single room, please email for prices and availability before booking.
Accommodations will be held at Agriturismo Bergi, an educational farm and B&B with twenty acres of gardens, orchards and olive groves. Using local products, the hosts highlight ancient flavors of healthy Sicilian kitchen. The farm is two miles away from the laboratory where the workshop will take place.

Location Information 
The workshop will be held at Gianni Cusumano laboratory located in the center of Castelbuono, a town in the Metropolitan City of Palermo in Sicily. Castelbuono owes its origins to Ventimiglia, Lords of the County of Geraci, which in the 14th century decided to build a castle. Its position is important at the foot of the beautiful valley Madonie, inhabited in the Neolithic and rich in Greek, Roman and Arabic testimonies.

The closest airport is Palermo Airport “Falcone Borsellino” located 35 km from Palermo. 

BUS: The cheapest way to get from Palermo to Castelbuono is by bus, “SAIS Trasporti” all from Palermo's bus station at the train station (p.zza Cairoli). 
Bus schedule:
Palermo Airport - Palermo Central Station 8.00 euro
Palermo Central station - Castelbuono 8.60 euro

TAXI: The fastest way from the airport to to Castelbuono is a taxi; approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Palermo Airport to Castelbuono -cost is about 100 - 150 euro

TRAIN: Another option is to get a train from Palermo station to Cefalù and then take a bus or taxi from there to Castelbuono. Train information:

Tuition and Booking
The cost for the 5 day workshop (with lodging and food included) is 2.200 euro (bank's fee excluded if provided).

To reserve a space in the workshop, participants must pay the total cost in advance. For details on how to make a payment, please email Gianni Cusumano at

Withdrawal from the workshop by March 15, 2019 will result in a full refund minus a 100 euro processing fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations after March 15th. If the workshop is canceled due to insufficient enrollment, the entire tuition will be fully refunded. Hosts are not responsible for airline ticket cancellation costs or fees.

For questions regarding the workshop and itinerary contact Mark & France,

For lodging, local travel and payment: contact Gianni,

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10:00 AM10:00

Workshop - Jen Jansen - Chicago, IL

  • 2012 North Western Avenue Chicago, IL, 60647 United States (map)
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Contact: Jen Jansen

Price: $425

Date: 5/4/19 10AM - 3PM


Info: We will be making a variety of tintypes in both antique and modified cameras from 4x5 to miniature. No experience is needed. Workshop attendees should expect to make tintypes in a variety of metal colors and styles. This is a hands on workshop. Participants should come prepared to get into the darkroom right away in this make it then take it workshop. This workshop is focused on making tintypes and participants will be coating, developing, fixing and varnishing their own tintypes in this one day workshop.

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Workshop - Sam Dole - New York City

Contact: Molly Rapp

Price: $495

Date: 3/23/19 - 3/24/19  10AM - 6PM


Info: “Sam is a wonderful instructor, very kind understanding and forgiving.” - Siobhan Byrns, Strobe for WP, October 2018

March 23-24, 2019
Saturday & Sunday
10 AM - 6 PM

Given its extremely low sensitivity to light, the wet plate collodion process has historically called for long exposures in order to yield a proper image. With the advent of modern strobe-based lighting, practitioners of this 19th century process now have a host of creative options opened to them with exposures that are instantaneous, thus negating the time exposures ranging in the upper seconds otherwise necessary to the process.

This workshop will give current wet plate practitioners using continuous and natural lighting techniques the skills and information necessary to utilize strobe lighting for wet plate collodion in a host of applications from portraiture to still life. Participants will learn about options on the new and used market for strobes and light modifiers suitable to the process that are powerful yet economical, basic portrait and still life lighting techniques and studio time to shoot plates. Cameras, chemicals and lighting will be provided.

Participants should have a current working knowledge/practice of the wet collodion process.


earned his BFA in photography from School of Visual Arts where he received the Rhodes Award for Outstanding Achievement. Sam has been an intern and workshop assistant at CAP, studied 19th C photography with noted photo historian Matthew Isenburg and has attended workshops conducted by John Coffer at Camp Tintype in Dundee, NY where he was honed his technique with wet plate legends Will Dunniway and Claude Levet. Sam’s work has appeared in Shutterbug Magazine and the SVA Visual Arts Journal and exhibited in the 2012 SVA Mentors Show as well as first prize winner at the 2012 Soho Photo Gallery Alternative Process Show.

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to Sep 23

Workshop - John Brewer - London

Contact: John Brewer

Price: £330

Date: 9/22/18 - 9/23/18


Location: E5 Process, 178a Glyn Road, London, XX E5 0JE United Kingdom

Info: A two day workshop with the Victorian Photographer, John Brewer.

The first day consists of a morning introductory lecture, then in the afternoon you will start the Wet Plate Process.
On the second day you will have a full day shooting as much Wet Plate as is possible.

Interested? Please contact us at

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to Sep 9

Workshop - Eric Taubman & Geoffrey Berliner - NYC

Contact: Molly Rapp

Price: $595

Date: 9/8/18 - 9/9/18  10AM - 6PM


Info: Prerequisite: Introductory Wet Plate Workshop

This course is strictly a shooting session and does not teach the wet plate process.
A previous wet plate course is required. 

Eric & Geoffrey will work with students to create 16x20" wet plate images using the best practices of pouring large plates and assist students through the technical process. We will provide two camera and lighting set-ups, that students will share, and chemistry. Mammoth plates will be available for purchase for an additional $150/plate.


GEOFFREY BERLINER is the Executive Director of the Penumbra Foundation. Berliner was born in New York in 1962 and received a Masters degree in religion, from Harvard University. He was introduced to photography at a very early age but it was not until several years after leaving the Academia that the call of photography and especially large format and alternative photographic processes urged greater involvement in these practices.

ERIC TAUBMAN is a large format photographer, teacher, and photo lab owner. He has been working with wet collodion for over 10 years and also specializes in 19th century optics and cameras. His work has been featured in View Camera Magazine and recently in the exhibition L'Objet Photographique at the Maison Europeenne de la Photographie in Paris.


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to Aug 21

Workshop - Sasho Alushevski - Macedonia

  • Skopje Republic of Macedonia (map)
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Contact: Sasho Alushevski

Price: €200

Date: 8/18/18 - 8/21/18

Location: Creative Documentary Film Festival MakeDox, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, Kurshumli Han, 1000 Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia 1000 Macedonia

Info: Makedox invites you to a wet-plate collodion workshop that will teach you about the wet-plate collodion photographic process from start to finish.

We’re reviving the vintage photo-technologies out of sheer delight and fascination. The “wet-plate” is a 19th century photographic process. It requires a lot of patience and low expectation of perfection. With that said, the results are striking. The photograph has many steps that must be done within a short amount of time. An aluminum plate is coated with collodion and then sensitized in silver nitrate. In a dark box with very minimal red or amber light, the plate is put into the camera's film back and placed in the camera. While the plate is still wet, the photograph must be taken within a minute or so. The plate is then taken back to the darkbox and developed and fixed. The image will appear backwards and always have beautiful imperfections, creating what a feels like a historical time, in a modern day.
This will be a 4-day workshop, from 18th-21th August and will be held in the charming venue of Makedox, Kurshumli an. The trainers of this workshop are Sasho Alushevski, a photographer and Predrag Uzhelac, an independent photography associate and assistant at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Srbija.

The participants of the workshop will be provided with accommodation, one meal a day and all the necessary materials for the workshop. Having a personal camera is not compulsory. You need a wish to learn and participate in the upcoming workshop.

Due to the specific nature of this photographic process, only 9 participants can attend this workshop.

Apply until 5 of August at

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11:00 AM11:00

Workshop - Laura Burlton - Texas

  • 902 Hardy Street, Studio 9 Houston, TX, 77020 United States (map)
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Contact: Laura Burlton

Price: $395

Date: 8/7/18


Info: Class meets two Saturdays: August 4th & 11th, from 11:00 am–4:00 pm.

Learn the Wet Collodion Process in this two day hands-on workshop. Invented in 1851, this silver based process was widely used throughout the 1850s and 1860s. It has recently enjoyed a comeback with photographic artists interested in historic processes. Each image is handmade by pouring the collodion mixture onto metal or glass plates and placing them into a bath of silver nitrate to be sensitized. The plates are exposed in camera while still wet then developed and fixed in a darkened environment. The metal plates are commonly known as 'tintypes' and are direct positives. The glass plates (which are negatives) are backed by black velvet to create a positive image known as an ambrotype.

During this seminar, students will learn the history, process, and practice of making wet plate collodion. Each student will have the opportunity to make at least two images from start to finish.

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to Aug 5

John Coffers Jamboree 2018

Host: John Coffer


Cost: Free!

John is having his annual Jamboree at his world renowned Camp Tintype in Dundee NY. The Jamboree is a weekend long gathering of wet plate collodion photographers and tintypists from around the world. 

This is the 17th year John has hosted this event and he typically has 50 or so attendees from all over the world. John gives demonstrations of different wet plate techniques and lectures on the newest trends in the wet plate field including equipment and materials. 
The Jamboree continues to be a free of charge event and all are welcome. To help offset his costs for the event, John has a raffle of wet plate photography related supplies and equipment. 

Attendees typically camp - pitch a tent or drive their RV.  Otherwise there’s plenty of accommodations around Dundee, NY found on AirBnB . Can also look at Watkins Glen, Penn Yan, Hammondsport, and Geneva, as all are close and should have options for lodging. 

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